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What Earth would look like with its oceans and landmasses swapped

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is the map we've all dreamed of seeing. It's a depiction of Earth in which its primary geological features have been inverted, showcasing a planet with a sprawling landmass that extends across two-thirds of its surface.

We've featured the work of Swedish artist Sanna Dullaway (aka Mygrapefruit on DeviantART) before, including her incredible re-imagining of 29 of history's most iconic scientists in one photograph. But this one is quite jaw-dropping.


The image can be a bit disconcerting. It's difficult to not see the oceans as continents. But a closer look uncovers the Great Lakes Islands, a huge Pacific landmass pock-marked with small lakes (including the Hawaiians), and a very strange peninsula stretching from the East into the Africa Sea — not to mention the freaky and massive Hudson's Bay peninsula.

Sanna also created a version of our inverted world at night:


Be sure to check out Sanna's webpage.