What Goes Into Turning Comic Book Art Into Comic Book Action Figures

DC's "Designer Series" toyline has been out a while now, but it still manages to impress with how it translates the art of Greg Capullo, Jae Lee, and more into toys. DC recently posted a blog about the process behind the line, and while it doesn't say much, it's a nice excuse to go behind the scenes on making great toys.


The article doesn't go into much detail — it mainly covers the difficulty of having to realise a design imagined for a 2D plane being translated effectively into 3D, as well as the emphasis on getting a paint application right to match the shading and detailing style of the original artist. But it lets us take a behind the scenes look into the creation of several figures from the series, including Jae Lee's Superman, Greg Capullo's Catwoman, and Terry Dodson's Starfire, letting you see the process of going from art, to sculpt, to final figure:

I've long been a fan of the designer series approach. It's a great way of getting unique interpretations of classic characters, and the way DC has gone about translating the imagery of the comics as actual, tangible sculpts is lovely stuff.


I kind of wish more comic companies did it for toys. It's often an approach you'll see with statues and such, but figures themselves tend to stick to a standard house style. Imagine the glorious stuff you could have. Babs Tarr Batgirl! Robbi Rodriguez Spider-Gwen! Cliff Chiang Wonder Woman! Lovely stuff.


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