What Happens When You Tie a Knot in the Middle of a Zipline

Our crazy awesome friend DevinSuperTramp and his gang of crazier and even more awesome friends came up with ways to make a zipline ever more fun: tying a knot in the middle of the line, running two people at once to catapult a person and trying as many insane tricks with skis as possible.


The catapult action is pretty great, when one guy jumps off the zipline, the force of nature sends the other guy behind him FLYING into the air. The tying the knot might be my favorite though. You'll see him hit the knot and just go spinning into the lake.

Here's the behind the scenes video where they dream up all these kooky scenarios. I just want to zipline all day over a lake now. [DevinSuperTramp via Laughing Squid]



Painfully asinine. Party on the lake rich kids. Brah.