What if the bank tried to take away your robot best friend?

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Nimrod Antal's Predators was a surprisingly fun movie about badass fighters trapped on an alien planet and hunted by monsters. So we're stoked to see the noir-tinged concept art for his next film project — about a man trying to repossess your robot friend. Spoilers ahead...

According to Quiet Earth, Antal is shopping around a film project called The Repossession of Max the Companion Robot, with concept art that gives a slight Blade Runner feel. Only with less neon and more dirt. In theory, it sounds somewhat similar to Repo Men, except with cute robots instead of organs. But it might give rise to some fascinating opportunities for exploring the real-world problem of banks taking away your home, and by extension, your sense of belonging someplace.


Plus, cute robots.

Here's the synopsis and a better look at the concept art:

Set in a future in which robots are as ubiquitous as pets are today. And if you don't make your robot loan payments, your mechanical best friend will be repossessed by people like Lee, a repo agent who refuses to see robots as sentient individuals and has built up large debts betting on robo-races.

Lee's latest repo job takes him to the doorstep of Mike and Max, the former a
man who has lost everything in a tragedy, and the latter an adorable companion robot who would do anything to stay with his master. With the help of the little robot, the two men end up joining forces to take down the repo business, discovering brand-new destinies along the way.


I'm basically a sucker for any pictures showing a man in a trenchcoat with a gun holding hands with a robot.


[via Quiet Earth]