What Is The Deadliest Machine Of All-Time? (Humanoid Division, Final Round)

Caprica 6 is proving to be a difficult adversary. Hotness seems to be a factor, so for the final round we are going to even out the odds a bit. No Yul Brenner is not hot...but his backup is.

Caprica 6 vs The Gunslinger and a group of Fembots:


Stay tuned for the final round of the Heavyweight Division later today. Keep in mind that the final showdown between the winner of the Humanoid Class and the Heavyweight Class will go down tomorrow, so make sure to cast your votes for the matchup you would like to see most.

This tournament poll of the world's deadliest robots was proposed to us by our friend PW Singer, author of Wired for War: The Robotics Revolution and Conflict in the 21st Century which we covered last March. Stay tuned for more of the tournament, more from Singer, and for more scary-ass robots wreaking havoc on fleshy humans and metallic adversaries alike.

Machines Behaving Deadly: A week exploring the sometimes difficult relationship between man and technology.


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