What's the One Gadget That Got Away?

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This week a video popped up on a few websites of a thief relieving his victim of very pricy pair of Google Glasses. Of course what the NYC ne'er-do-well didn't know was that the owner was recording him—including his rave-filled nightlife—using a third-party Glass app called LiveLens.

Even though that story could be a potential fake, it got me thinking—what is the one gadget that got away? And I'm not talking just stolen. Maybe a favorite device that met its untimely end or a gadget that eventually faded with age. It could even be a personally favorite piece of tech you misplaced or for whatever reason, had to say goodbye.

For me, it was my original, gray-toned and purple-buttoned Game Boy. Countless hours were spent on that thing, grinding Blastoise to level 99, playing Tetris, and whatever other cartridges were lying around. It wasn't until I was older and able to appreciate video game nostalgia that I realized my Game Boy was long gone.


What about you? Spill your guts about your most painful gadget breakups, and don't worry, this is a safe place.

Image by padu_foto/Shutterstock