What Is the Weirdest Gadget You've Ever Seen?

This week we've witnessed some weird wearables. First, was the SexFit (pictured above), which—as I'm sure the form factor gives away—is a wearable to help quantify a man's sexual prowess. Then, we saw the Sproutling Baby Monitor, a health tracker for infants.

Now, it's rumored that the Samsung's Gear Solo, a smartwatch with its own SIM card (painfully being referred to as a "watchphone") will launch along side the Galaxy Note 4 in early September, and Timex and AT&T also have similar SIM wrist wear plans. Although all three of these devices equally share the title of "weird," that doesn't necessarily make them "bad." Sproutling provides peace-of-mind for parents and the Gear Solo is overly ambitious but also gutsy. I've got nothing for the SexFit. That thing is just bizarre.


But as we've already seen, there are plenty of strange pieces of hardware out there, and weird wearables are just the latest trend. So what are the craziest tech ideas and strangest devices you've ever seen? They don't need to be as out there as the SexFit or as mainstream as the Gear Solo. They just need to embrace what's unconventional.

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