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What it looks like in the Arctic Circle when the Sun never sets

This time lapse shows what 24 hours of a summer day (and I guess, a summer night) looks like in the Arctic Circle. You can see the Sun rising and setting like it normally does anywhere else but instead of disappearing beyond the horizon as the Earth turns, it pops right back up and the world never turns dark.


It's like living inside a 2D side scrolling video game. The time lapse was filmed by Maxie Max.


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For those of us living above the arctic circle where this occurs, it sucks.

It fucks everything up. If you look out the window a lot of times you can't tell if it's 2PM or 2AM, and me not having grown up with this shit have a really hard time sleeping with daylight outside. I'm so dreading when it begins again in a month and a half-ish.

Winter we don't get any sun at all, but at least it's easier to sleept then.