What it looks like to go down a luge track at a blazing 80mph

Bumpy. Dangerously fast as hell. And it looks like the luger will careen off the course at any given moment.Doubles luger Matthew Mortenson put on a helmet cam on a ride down the luge track in Sochi to show us what it's like to go zooming down sloping slick ice on your back and while it looks like a fun roller coaster ride, it also looks like the chance of crashing is a solid 100%.


The footage was taken by Mortenson a few years ago but it's still great POV footage of these crazy speedsters.

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Joey 'Smooth' Ofori

Great POV but what is so competitive about this sport? Do they actually control the sled or just slide down? This is more like a fun slide than an actual sport unless I am missing something