What Technology Do You Use Every Day That You Could Live Without?

Modern society is completely boxed-in by technology. It’s everywhere—in our pockets, in our lightbulbs, even our gardens. It makes our lives easier and we love it, but do you ever wonder if we really need all of it?

Today, let’s take a step back and have a quick reality check—what piece of modern technology do you use or interact with every single day of your life that you could stand to give up? Maybe you don’t need a tablet and a smartphone. Maybe that Apple Watch is a little redundant. Maybe your house has too many “things” on the internet. How would your life be different without them?

As for me? I recently gave up digital photography for wet chemistry and film (except when I need a photo for Gizmodo, of course). It’s changed everything about how I take pictures. I now have to wait patiently to see the fruits of my efforts, and I’ve come to love the feeling of anticipation.


Pick something. Imagine your life without it. Let’s talk about that.

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