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What the Hell Magnets? Why Are You So Amazing?

You don't need to be a physicist, a PhD student, a geek, or even a member of the Insane Clown Posse to appreciate the awesome capabilities of superconductors and magnets as demonstrated in this video by Tel-Aviv University.


An unidentified member of the university's Superconductivity Group School of Physics and Astronomy shows off the quantum locking, or quantum trapping, effects of a magnet that's been super cooled with liquid nitrogen. Now we've probably all seen demonstrations of super cooled magnets floating above a track before, with promises of them facilitating high-speed trains zigzagging across the country. But this video goes one step further, showing how the position and angle of the magnet can be locked in a magnetic field while it's in motion. The moral of the story is that it makes for an impressive demo, and I better see hoverboards popping up in toy stores by Christmas. [Quantum Levitation via ASTC via Fazed]

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I noticed that this was from Tel Aviv University. It's amazing how much work and contribution to the world is from Jews (I don't know if this particular demonstration is by a Jew), especially considering their relatively smaller population. I wonder why this is the case? Is it something to do with their culture? Having said that many notable Jews (take for instance, Nobel Laureates) are secular, so maybe it's a non-religious aspect of their culture. I'm genuinely curious - any Gizmodians care to enlighten me?