What the Hell Were These Architects Thinking?

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These luxury residential towers, set to be completed in Seoul in 2015, are supposed to be evocative of a pixelated cloud floating overhead. But to be honest, the only thing they remind me of are September 11. How did no one cry foul?


From higher angles the ten story tall pixelated cloud structure that connects the two 850+ foot towers certainly looks more whimsical, as I'm sure the architects at MVRDV intended it to be. But most people will be viewing it looking up from ground level. And I'm afraid from that angle it's very reminiscent of the images and events that were seen around the entire world that day. So I'm not really sure how the eerie similarities weren't spotted before this design was approved.

When it's completed in Seoul's Yongsan business district, The Cloud will feature luxury residential spaces, a conference center, hotel, fitness facilities, restaurants, as well as public and private park space and gardens. All of which I'm sure will be lovely on the inside. But from where I'm sitting, it looks like a horrible memory. [MVRDV via designboom]

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I'll give you all a glimpse of the future. Think of every time you've seen the Titanic mocked, made light of, portrayed, etc. (the prom scene from Whatever It Takes comes to mind... or that episode of Futurama). Well, 1500 people died. It was tragic, destroyed families, etc. But time does more than heal wounds; it also makes us forget the human aspect.

So it's only a matter of time before we do the same for 9/11 (not agreeing or just agreeing, just predicting).