What Traveling to Every Country in the World Looks Like in 4 Minutes

This is insane. Well, only insane because I'm insanely jealous of amazing world crusader Graham Hughes. Hughes traveled to all 201 countries in the world plus 15 assorted territories without even flying. Even better, Hughes recorded a quick video of every single country he visited so we can all see what it's like to truly travel the entire world in 4 minutes.

Graham's journey (or Odyssey, as he calls it) started back in January 2009 and lasted until December 2012. In those four years, this dude has pretty much seen it all. Read more about his travels here. It reminds me of those awesome guys who traveled the world a few years ago and of Casey Neistat's awesome 10 day trek. Why haven't we done it yet? [The Odyssey Expedition]

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I wonder how he got into Best Korea?