What's Black And White And Red All Over? Not THIS Penguin!

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A penguin in the UK molted all of his feathers at once, which left his pale skin exposed to possible sunburn. But his keepers decided he shouldn't be the butt of a joke and made him a tiny wetsuit.

It's built out of the leg of a human-sized wetsuit and customized just for Ralph (the wetsuited penguin is named Ralph). He might have to wear the wetsuit for another two or three weeks, while his feathers grow back in.

Apparently, Ralph's penguin brethren didn't recognize him at first, but once the others got used to the strange suit, he was welcomed back into the tribe. I can understand their hesitation; with his wetsuit on, cute little Ralph looks like a hyper-evolved penguin from the future, here to either uplift his feathered brethren or enslave them.


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