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You can do almost anything with a good kitchen knife. You have plenty of options but which one is the best? We want to hear from you.

You often hear people mentioning Wüsthof or Shun as having some of the best cutlery around. But those certainly aren't the only options. So what's your kitchen weapon of choice? To be clear, we're talking about general-use utility knives, not something more specialized. In the section below, post your vote for Best Knife on the (Chopping) Block, in the following format:

[Picture of the knife]

[Link to buy said knife]

[An explanation as to why it's the best knife]

*Don't duplicate nominations. Instead if someone has already posted your pick, star their comment or reply with why you think that knife is the best knife.


On Friday, we'll round up the picks for the best knives, according to you, dear reader and knife-wielder. So have at it!

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