What's The Best Outdoors Gear For Tall Women?

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My girlfriend is 6 feet tall with a 36-inch inseam. Good: Legs! Bad: It’s impossible to find performance outerwear and base layers that go all the way up, while still fitting a slim waist and feminine proportions. What are your suggestions?

This is the third in an irregular series — Ask IndefinitelyWild. In the first, we asked you for suggestions on adding cold weather comfort with minimal weight and space and gave away a Biolite Nanogrid. For the second, we asked for minimalist first aid kit suggestions and gave away a Leatherman Tread.

You guys are out doing stuff as much as we are, so I figure there’s a massive base of knowledge here we should be taking advantage of and sharing. Plus, I’m incredibly proud of the quality of our community, so I figure it’s time we give back a little bit. We’ll be giving away an item of outdoor gear from our closet with each of these. For this first installment, I’ll pick whatever I feel is the most useful or insightful comment and ship that reader that Surefire wrist light.

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Why not just buy men’s stuff? Well, girls aren’t boxy like guys are, so while some of it may be long enough, it’s not also narrow enough and doesn’t fit around the curves right.

Specifically, we’re looking for a good merino or similar base layer bottoms. Icebreaker won’t fit. And good soft shell pants for hiking and other activities. 36-inch inseam stuff with a narrow waist and room for hips.

Are you also a tall woman? Do you know one? What brands and products work best for you? Any tips or tricks for making other stuff work?


Standard Gawker contest rules apply. Anyone can comment, but I’m only shipping within the US. A winner will be chosen on Monday and announced here.

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Man My Girlfriend is Hot... and Tall... Here’s a Picture... uh.. I Guess I Should Have Content - Help Me Buy Her Things

Fixed the headline ;)

But really, I have no help for base layers. At least for shells you can get custom builds.