What's the First Email You Still Have Archived?

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Email archives are a awful, anachronistic time capsules of the things we used to say to the people we used to know. It's easy to ignore, for the most part, except when you're syncing a new computer's email client for the first time, and you're forced to look your past in the eye.


For me, my email archives don't go back very far. For years, I was obsessive about keeping my inbox at 0, and deleting everything as it came in and was answered. Maybe that wasn't such a bad idea. This is what's sitting at the bottom of my inbox on every computer I sync my accounts to:

From: [Redacted] <[Redacted]@yahoo.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Sex Herald Check-In
Date: February 26, 2010 10:35:27 PM EST
To: Kyle Wagner

Hi Kyle,

Sorry this have been coming slow, but I will try to up the rate. I think I might have mentioned that I got laid off, so I've been doing temp jobs and, dammit all to hell, they actually expect me to work instead of sitting at my desk writing DVD reviews. Philistines!

I'd love an update on how the Sex Herald is doing. Any word on a new EIC yet?

Keep up the good work!


Militant Ginger: [Redacted].blogspot.com

"You'll tear the world to pieces, just to find something that's only in your mind; and when you've finally got it, you'll realise it was just a dream." Leslie Charteris, The Saint Overboard

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This goofy reply—it's not even an original message!—has been following me around for years. I defy you to do worse.


Kyle Wagner

Since you're probably wondering! I was an editorial intern, and then an editor, at a rather massively NSFW site called the Sex Herald. It was one of my first jobs in publishing, and actually a lot of fun, if you overlook the terrible, horrifying, very bad life-ruining things I saw, the very bad copy I chewed through, and being paid literally nothing. At least here at Gawker they have the courtesy to pay us next to nothing.

Anyway, the email came from coordinating porno DVD reviews. [Redacted] was actually our best and most reliable writer. Not like the flaky Brits we have on staff over here.