When Should You Buy an Apple Product?

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iLounge pontificates the idea of the "best" time to buy an Apple product. With the constant flurry of rumors and announcements, when's the best time for you to buy a Mac or an iPod?

[T]he purchase of any Apple product can be made on a single question: does the product available today have the features that will satisfy me? If the answer is yes, buy it and enjoy it. If the answer is no, wait. But don't second-guess your decision or wait around for a replacement that may take years to arrive. If you buy soon after release, you'll have the longest opportunity to enjoy the features and performance before something else comes along and makes you envious.

Our take has always been similar. If you need something now, buy it now and get the 5-8 months of extra usage out of it. So what if Core 2 Duos are coming up soon? They're not twice as fast as current models. Go ahead and get it now. Unless of course you're not in a hurry, then you can go ahead and wait.

Ten Rules for Buying Apple Products [iLounge via Lifehacker]

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i bought an ipod mini back in october '04, and im still using it. sure, its got a monochrome screen, a few hours left of battery life, and only 4 gigs, but it still plays my music, and since i can charge it every night it does the job just as well as a fancy newfangled 5.5gen ipod or 2nd gen nano. and my imac g5 2nd revision i bought in june of '05 is still perfectly fine. sure, there is something better than it on the market now, but who gives a fuck, im happy with it.

i dont see any point in getting gear-envy over new and improved apple (or otherwise) products.

be happy with what you have, and if you can afford it, upgrade. but if not, just remember that the now-obselete product you bought when you did did what you wanted to then, so why shouldnt it now?