Where did Bruce Banner and Tony Stark go after they drove away together in The Avengers?

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What happened to Bruce and Tony, after the two of them drove away in the climax of The Avengers? Robert Downey Jr. told us everything.

Plus we asked Marvel's Kevin Feige and director Shane Black whether Iron Man 3 will pick up right where The Avengers left off. Plus Downey Jr. talks about what happened to Tony's mind after the aliens invaded, and Don Cheadle hints at all the metal he gets to wear this go-round.


Shane Black & Kevin Feige

Iron Man 3 is kind of taking things on a global scale. They're going to China. How does that affect the bigger stuff that's happening with the Avengers in the Marvel Universe? Everything is interconnected these days, so is it getting bigger and more complicated?


Kevin Feige: The trick is to not let it get complicated. If you're a fan of the comics you know that continuity in comics can be really fun, but it can also begin to crush and collapse under its own weight. Iron Man 3 is a distinct movie, to prevent that from happening. It is very much a Shane Black, Tony Stark story.

Shane Black: Have you ever seen the Spider-Man Hobgoblin arc, where it got so continuity heavy that it just collapsed under its own weight? We'd love to do a couple of these one-offs where you realize that you can do Cap, you can do Thor [after The Avengers]. You can do these standalone movies that are just as engaging, and in some ways just as big, as The Avengers — without having to rely on The Avengers as a tent pole to come back to. I love the standalone Iron Man movie because he gets to be in the real world — no aliens.


We saw Iron Man and the Hulk drive off into the sunset together in the end of The Avengers, what does that mean for their relationship?

Black: It means they're gay.

Feige: I think he was just dropping Bruce off at the Port Authority. They didn't go off into the sunset.


Are we going to see the Hulk in Iron Man 3?

Feige: No.

Robert Downey Jr.

On Tony's mindset in Iron Man 3:

Robert Downey Jr: [Iron Man 3] will be exploring his inner demons, we did a little bit of that in Iron Man 2 but if you think about someone who saw the sky open up, and a wormhole and aliens. Suffice to say, he's a little rattled.