Where Do You Actually Store All Your Online Stuff?

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With Google dropping the cost for its Drive service to just $10 a month for an absurdly mammoth 1TB of storage, it's a great time to think: "Wow, well I maybe I should cram all my digital crap into the same place for simplicity!" But it's never that easy.


So are you stashing old college essays and pictures from 5 years ago in a Dropbox folder, backing up your whole computer on a regular basis, hoarding hard drives and ancient floppies in a shoebox, or just not worrying about it and letting the chips fall where they may? Where do you actually store all the digital detritus that's near and dear to you?

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I don't and here's why. Say you have 1 TB of data in the cloud as a backup and something goes catastrophically wrong at home. If you want to download that data, you will have to spread it out over 4 months to ensure you don't break your data cap. I know that a lot of ISPs aren't enforcing the caps right now, but I guarantee you that they will in the near future.

My solution, I have an NAS at home running RAID 5 so I have all my data local and there is redundancy in place in case a drive goes down. Granted it cost a lot as compared to $10 a month, but I have 8 usable TB of storage so for that you are looking at $80 a month (maybe less for bigger volumes, I haven't looked). For that I spent approx $800, or 10 months of Google Drive.