Where to Watch Tonight's Presidental Debate Live Online: Hulu, VCAST and More

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Whereas a live online stream of the first presidential debate was a bit harder to pin down, our pick for tonight's at 9PM Eastern is Hulu. Its live stream of the final two presidential debates is actually Hulu's first ever live broadcast, which is something they might do more of following the debates. (Unfortunately, it doesn't look like it'll be in HD.) But there are, of course, other options. If you're not near a TV or computer tonight Verizon's VCAST service will be streaming CBS's feed live. Of course, there are streams from CBS's regular site, CNN and C-SPAN, who has probably the best and most forward-thinking—for Web 2.0 fanatics anyway—online coverage around. Hulu's Election '08 hub also aggregates everything from speeches to punditry to funnies from The Daily Show, Colbert, Conan and more if you want to flip something more engaging during a particularly snoozy stretch of the debate. Or if your politics appetite is just insatiable, there's Obama's maybe gaming-changing iPhone app if you want to put your fingers in your ears whenever McCain speaks. Where else are you guys planning to peep the debate? [paid content]


I've been watching the debates on CNN.com. They also show a lot of campaign rallies during the day. I actually watch live streaming video on CNN all day at work in a small window in the top right of my screen and people that come into my sop are often amazed and intrigued by it.

However this HULU broadcast looks good too, as I'm a big HULU fan.