Where Your Cellphones Go When They Die (Hopefully)

Illustration for article titled Where Your Cellphones Go When They Die (Hopefully)

As CES 2008 comes to an end and we wipe the gadget drool from our collective chins, the NYT published this interesting shot from Umicore's cellphone recycling plant in Hilliard, Ohio. And damn it's depressing to see that pile of electronic carcasses, our fetish of choice piled high in phallus-shriveling obsoleteness.


The article also points out that cellphones are the most valuable form of "e-waste," containing about $1 of recyclable materials in each handset—the majority of which is gold. But when you think of that $1 versus what you actually paid for the phone...yeah, we're back at that depressing angle again. [nyt via textually]

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Ya know it's probably not so good, organizationally, to just spill them out on the floor like that. Plus, it's a workman's comp case waiting to happen.

(please note the sarcasm, i know this was probably for photographic dramatic effect)