White HTC Evo Completely Misses the Point

This newly announced white HTC Evo goes on sale starting July 11 at Best Buy (pre-orders begin today). But you know what? HTC could do better if they just showed us the masculinity going on under the hood:


That's right, the Evo has a sports car red interior, as HTC traditionally hides the best parts of their designs like Easter eggs inside the case.

HTC, or any third party manufacturer, we don't want a white Evo case—it's just an exchangeable backplate anyway. We want a clear one—yes, just like an early 90s corded phone. And then from now on, we want you to grow a pair and move your phones' aggressive internal styling to the outside. [Engadget]

(Note: I'd just ditch the backplate altogether, but the battery might fall out, and it would only get more linty that it already is.)

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