White Stick for the Blind Gets Sensor Upgrade with "Tactile Wand"

Illustration for article titled White Stick for the Blind Gets Sensor Upgrade with Tactile Wand

Designer Jin Woo Han has created the "Tactile Wand" as a 21st-century conceptual white stick for the blind. The rechargeable gadget uses some sort of distance sensor and communicates by buzzing, letting the user know of upcoming obstacles: the stronger the buzz, the nearer the object. Neat design, Jin, but can it detect doggy doo like the old-fashioned stick could? What happens if the batteries die when you're mid-street crossing? We reckon it would take some re-education of cops too: pointing a strange looking stick at people in public these days is probably a big no-no. [Coroflot via Gadget lab]


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This sort of thing already exists - called the Ultracane. Its a full stick with a sensor at the top and bottom, and the handle has two vibration spots. This way the user can tell between small obstacles and waist-level obstacles. The vibrations get more intense the closer the obstacle is too.

The idea of not having it without the actual stick is a bit odd.. without the tactile-ness of the stick it'll make things a bit more difficult.