Who Is SoHo's Mystery Solitaire Master?

A Gizmodo tipster has sent us exclusive photographs that reveal a man working (?) out of an office in Manhattan’s SoHo district who just can’t stop playing solitaire. The pictures, received through Gizmodo’s tip line earlier today, are complete with timestamps and critical annotations added by our brave tipster.

“I work in SoHo,” our tipster says. “And I can see this guy’s monitors across, in another building and he’s always playing solitaire, like all day.”


All day, really? Let’s take a look at the evidence.


Holy shit. This man literally cannot stop playing solitaire. I’m still trying to figure out whose life is the saddest: the guy playing the most boring card game all day, the guy taking pictures of the guy playing the most boring card game all day, or the guy writing about them both for Gizmodo.com.


“I’ve captured a few pics,” our source says. “I’m going to see how long this lasts.” Godspeed.

If you have any idea who the SoHo solitaire master may be, please send me an email immediately.


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