Who Keeps Leaving 35-Pound Bags of Vomit Outside Bed Bath & Beyond?

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We all have our hobbies. Fishing, golf, coin collection. Leaving 35-pound bags of vomit in the parking lot of a Pennsylvania Bed Bath & Beyond. Wait, what?

It seems the good people of Radnor Township, PA have fallen victim to a vomit spree. On June 5th an unfortunate BB&B employee discovered a package containing 35 pounds of the stuff outside his place of business, the second such deposit of the week:

According to the employee, the package was concealed in a white kitchen trash bag and placed about 10 parking rows from the store behind a tree.


So who is the regurgitating bandit? Some fraternity running summer pledge sessions? Some poor man who ate one too many Pixy Sticks? A legion of prankster cats?

As of now, there are no leads that the Radnor Township police have shared. But let this be a warning to big box shoppers everywhere: around the next tree, there may well be a small child's worth of vomit in a bag. [RadnorPatch via Twitter]


Photo credit: Shutterstock/Klaus-Peter Adler