Who Would Win: an Imperial Star Destroyer or the USS Enterprise?

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This great image requires a t-shirt urgently. When I came across it today on Digg I thought: "I can't believe we haven't asked this question in Gizmodo yet. Hello?" Who would you think would win: an Imperial Star Destroyer or the USS Enterprise? And a simple answer won't work. You have give us actual technical arguments. You know, arguments like a Star Destroyer is X bigger and has Y amount more destruction power than the Enterprise. Or a couple of torpedoes can destroy the Star Destroyer bridge, then a third one will destroy it. Or a Star Destroyer can unleash a whole buttload of TIE fighters and Kirk would lose his shirt in a second, without meeting any sexy female alien. Note: In what could count as a time-space fabric-ripping event, I have to say that I had sex with someone once, after discussing exactly this. And she was a woman. Probably an alien. [Digg]