Whoa, Computer Graphics Can Make Water Look Real Now

Now here's something impressive. PhysXInfo seems to have solved one of the tougher problems in computer graphics: realistic fluid dynamics. In other words, making water look like actual water, and not a tub full of triangles.


The software you see running here is called Position Based Fluids, using PhysXInfo's Position Based Dynamics. It's pretty gorgeous, especially once you get to the more advanced demonstrations further into the video. Even more impressive is that the demo is powered by a single GTX 580 graphics card, which is a few years old and can be had for a few hundred bucks on Amazon or Newegg. For the full technical breakdown on what's going on here, head over to PhysXInfo's site, or just marvel at the breaking, real-time aquarium demo starting at 1:02 in the video. [PhysXInfo via Kotaku]

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Except it still doesn't look real...