Whoops! Did LG Just Out a New 8K iMac?

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Screen resolution always marches to the steady pace of pixel-density progress, and LG may have accidentally let slip Apple’s next resolution-gratuitous display.


According to an explainer on 8K displays posted in LG’s newsroom, spotted by 9to5Mac, LG boldly states that “Apple has also announced that they will release the ‘iMac 8K’ with a super-high resolution display later this year.”

Wait...what? Apple hasn’t announced anything of the sort, but LG seems pretty confident that one is coming this year. Last year, Apple revealed a stunning 5K iMac (pictured above) that surpassed the pixel density of many display competitors, and Apple could have a similar trick up in the near future. Either way, LG definitely made a mistake, but whether the slip is outing a non-existent product or revealing the iMac’s future months in advance, we don’t know for sure. But LG is one of Apple’s major display partners, so it’d make sense if the company knew a lot about Apple’s upcoming display plans. We’ve reached out to LG and Apple for clarification.

Personally, I’m still waiting for 4K to reach my laptop. 8K, in something other than some ludicrously huge and expensive television, just seems like a distant dream, a fantasy that Apple and LG might be looking to make a reality. [LG via 9to5Mac]

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I have a 50 inch 4K tv i use as a gaming monitor.

This on desktop mode is beyond ridiculous and useless, makes for pretty games, makes for terrible desktop.

8k is in no way good.