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Who's Havok's favorite X-Man? (And no, it's not Cyclops!)

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Watch our red carpet interviews from the premiere of X-Men: First Class. Is Moria MacTaggert sad that she's the only one in the group who's merely human? Who is Havok's favorite X-Man? We asked, they answered.

Rose Byrne (Moira MacTaggert)

What's it like being the only character in the film without a superpower?

You know, it didn't really bother me. It was great because I got to sleep in. Jennifer Lawrence (Mystique) would be like I got here at 2 AM, and I would get there by 8. But I'm sure I'll have mutant envy when I watch the movie. ... There's something about being in an ensemble... I suppose there's less pressure in a sense. But I love Moira because she's very progressive, and she really embodies a sense of hope. She's very bright, very driven and woman in a man's world, which I love.


Lucas Till (Alex Summers / Havok)

Who is your favorite X-Men?

Wolverine was actually my favorite until I got introduced into Havok. And then [I thought], "How come I don't know more about him?" Because I grew up on the animated series... No, I've never read a comic until now.


How did you handle the action scenes?

Because I'm the one who shoots lasers, while everyone else is flying, I really didn't get to do as many stunts as I wished, because everyone else was jumping around!