Who's The Greatest Ghoul? io9 Smackdown: Monster Edition Begins!

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Horror has given us all manner of memorable monsters, but which one is the mightiest? This week: You decide! That's right, it's another round of io9 Smackdown, and this time, it's all about the creepies going bump in the night!

Today's match can only be described as one of grudge! In the red corner, we have the Egyptian undead known as The Mummy! In the blue corner, their modern-day counterpart, the Zombie! Both are shambling monsters of decay and destruction looking to inflict rigor mortis on whoever gets in their way, but which! Is! The! Greatest!?


While the Mummy has age and experience on his side - Not to mention a distinctive look that's been been stolen by others - he might be at a disadvantage when compared with the fact that zombies have that whole plague thing going for them instead of requiring a time-consuming ritual (and a few thousand years) to create them. But does the timeless, mindless rampage of an undead lover trump even the immediacy of instant desire to eat brains? You decide.

You should know the Smackdown drill by now: Whoever wins in this vote goes forward to take on tomorrow's opponent, and so on, throughout the week, leading to a Horror Showdown on Hallowe'en that may possibly make the internet quake in its cyberboots. Voting open until midnight tonight PST, so vote early and often.


Zombie image by Eric Ingram, Mummy image by Jon Worth.