Why Are We Still Buying Ringtones?

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Wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait. $2.1 billion worth of ringtones were sold this year? Who still buys these things? Why? I thought we all had our phones permanently set to silent. $2.1 BILLION?!

Peter Kafka used the Gartner stat in an All Things D post to highlight the slow rate at which we're all buying digital music and how digital sales won't replace CD sales for quite some time.

The fact that ringtones currently represent a third of all digital music sales and is projected to still make up nearly 20 percent of sales in 2015 is enough to make me wanna drive my head into a wall. Especially when you can make any MP3 you already own a ringtone for free. Plus, songs as ringtones are never good. They're shrill and distorted and noone actually knows what the song is when a phone rings. I'd rather listen to that iPhone ringtone of that dog barking. Wait, I already do. [


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My ringtone is the old "24" CTU ring: BeepBeep-BeepBoooooop. Best. Ringtone. Ever.