Why Do Some People Hate Math So Much?

Some people gobble up algebra and calculus like their life depended on it; others would rather poke pins into their eyes than solve a simultaneous equation. But why is that?


In this video, Edward Frenkel—perhaps my favorite mathematician—explains why the thinks the problem is multi-dimensional (no pun intended). [YouTube]

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The only thing that made maths click for me was practical application; I was always good at trig, and fairly good at statistics because I could see straight away how it could be used. Calculus simply fried my brain the first couple of times I tried to learn it because me teacher flat out refused to explain what it was for ("Its on the board, learn it" was his mantra, the guy was an arsehole). I got extra tuition and an explanation, and things became much clearer. I still wouldn't call myself a natural with maths (although I'm easily the most maths-capable in my family) but it doesn't scare me the way it does with a lot of people.