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Why Is This Mysterious Black Ring Hovering in the Sky Over England?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Last week, a teenager in England filmed this crazy black ring floating above Leamington Spa. Apparently the ring disappeared after three minutes, leaving everyone baffled. Is this a new subgenre of UFO?

Nope. As Sharon Hill helpfully explains over at Doubtful News, it was likely a vortex ring, essentially a very thick, dark smoke ring caused after an explosion. Hill writes:

As noted in this excellent piece, this Leamington Spa ring behaves in the way that others have behaved, travelling "at a constant speed, maintaining the same horizontal or vertical position until they break up." See more examples at that site too.

Here is one that occurred from an explosion last year in Florida. It looks remarkably identical.


And indeed, the BBC reported later that a local group had been testing fireworks in the area.

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