Why It Pays to Be an Early Email Adopter

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If you'd pulled the trigger on Gmail or Twitter sooner, you could have had a sweet, sweet, first-name handle. Now, though? Now you're stuck filling your friends' inboxes and DMs with a bizarre string of jibberish. NEVER AGAIN.


Honestly, the next time they remake A Christmas Carol the Ghost of Christmas Past is just going to show a series of terribly unfortunate late-adoption internet identities. [The Doghouse Diaries]

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I have my surname only @hotmail.com, and believe me I have one of the most common surnames ever. How? Definitely a case of early adoption, but there are drawbacks...

...people (stupidly) use my email address to sign up to stuff as a 'default' address when they don't want to use their own, which means mucho spammos. It also means I get all their signing in details, so I used to have fun changing peoples details/addresses to funny ones, with a message to change the email address to one of their own at the end. You wouldn't believe how many peoples credit card details I had access to! Lucky for them I'm not an asshole.

Now I just have it set to accept emails only from listed contacts, and everything goes through my default gmail account.