Name someone who likes to mop. You can't because no one does, so thankfully iRobot has a brand new mopping robot—the Scooba 450—to make your floors shine.

As with all of iRobot's genius automated maids, Scooba is insanely easy to use. Pop in your clean water into one compartment and set the bot to one of two cleaning cycles (20 minutes for 150 square-foot spaces or 40 minutes for 300 square-foot spaces). Voice commands in between will tell you what, if anything, you need to do—move the bot or something. And once the cycle is up, you dump the water out and place your little pal on his dock.

The 450's brushes scrub your floors at 600 rpm, and it's supposed to perform three times better than the last version, washing away 99.3 percent of gross floor bacteria. I don't know how to measure that myself, but I saw this dude in action and the water went into the compartment clean and came out looking like black tar heroin. I want one of these for my own house.

Anyway, the Scooba is on sale now for $600. That's a lot for a mop, sure, but this ain't exactly your average mop.