Why SOPA Is Going to Screw Us All: The Video

This is a great short documentary explaining what's SOPA and PIPA in a very clear, simple way. It also explains why they will screw us all if we let Congress to approve this law. You should watch it.


If you didn't have the patience to read about it, this is a perfect way to learn about it. It was created by New Left Media with representatives of the Free Press and the Center for Democracy and Technology:

The film explores how the bills work, who's behind them, the potentially dangerous global precedent that they set, and why all internet users have reason to be concerned.


And it does a perfect job at that. Pass it around so people know what may happen if SOPA goes through and prompt them to act against it by contacting their representatives in Congress. [Thanks Chase Whiteside!]

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If any asks me my opinion of SOPA, I just tell them that I don't want the makers of Jersey Shore to be the Final Boss of the Internet.