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Why the End of Breaking Bad Was One of the Best Ever

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

It’s been three meth-less years since Breaking Bad ended. That’s way too damn long without the good stuff of Heisenberg. So to celebrate the three-year anniversary of the show, Nerdwriter decided to take a closer look at its best episode: Ozymandias, the third to last episode in the series where everything Walter White worked for came to an end.

Do I still have to give a spoiler alert for a TV show that ended three years ago? Whatever. You know the drill.


If you watched the show, you’d know that Ozymandias acted as the true conclusion to the series (it’s the episode where Hank dies and where Walter White gives his family an alibi for his crimes, and where he’s forced to flee and leave everything behind) and Nerdwriter’s examination explains why: the episode is a series of reactions to the monster that Walter White has become and we get to see all of it.

We finally get to see him how the other characters of the show do: as a force of evil. Any possible rooting interest we had for the antihero in him is gone because of the true destruction he’s wreaked on his family. We see the game finally beat him, and we see how he refuses to see what he’s become until the very end when he’s left with nothing but a barrel of a cash. Basically, we see Walter White lose.