Why the Women of Gizmodo Are on Strike Today

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Today, the women of Gizmodo and io9 are joining our colleagues across Fusion Media Group to participate in the official “A Day Without a Woman” strike. We believe that our labor and presence is valuable, important, and necessary; we also know that it’s often easier to recognize how vital something is when it’s not there.

We’re striking to bring attention to our work, and to bring attention to issues that affect women in the workplace, like equal pay, discrimination, paid family leave, and sexual harassment. We’re striking because, as writers and editors covering science, technology, and entertainment, gender inequality finds its way into our work far too often. But we’re also striking to raise awareness for the things that affect women outside the workplace, too, like reproductive rights, access to education, and sexual and domestic violence. We’re striking because we’ve seen what happens—to friends, colleagues, family members, and ourselves—when these issues are ignored. We’re striking because we so frequently find our basic rights under attack.

While we’re striking with women around the world, we also know that we are privileged; not every woman can afford to miss a day of work, and many women risk punishment for participating. We stand in solidarity with these women, and we’re grateful for the support of our employer and co-workers.


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