Why Would Anyone Buy a Bow Tie-Shaped Beer Can That Actually Gives You Less Beer?

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When Budweiser changed its iconic all American beer can to accentuate the bow tie logo of the so called King of Beers, I was not happy. Even though I don't really care what the outside of the beer can looks like as long as my words start slurring. Even though I don't drink Budweiser. It was a telegraphed move by an old company trying to fake cool. Whatever. I'm over it now. But now Budweiser is introducing a bow tie-shaped can to match their bow tie logo. It kind of looks like the dented cans you see littered around a frat house. It kind of looks like the redesigned Xbox. It's a beer can without the beer belly. Which makes sense because it also has less beer.

The difference is mostly insignificant: the new bow tie can carries 11.3 ounces of beer flavored water while the typical can (which will still be sold) houses 12 ounces of the same beer flavored water. But the design is no small change, the can requires a 16-step process—10 steps to shape the bottom half, six steps to twist the top portion. Also, the bow tie design has been in development since 2010. Budweiser really wanted this to happen. But who wants less beer?

The special bow tie edition beer will come in 8 packs starting this Spring (Spring is coming this year, right?). Anyways. I can imagine my thought process now:

I'd walk into the liquor store and immediately pass by all the hurdles of crappy beer and get two 6-packs of something tasty. I'd pay, get drunk and never think about Budweiser's dainty can at any point of the night. Hell, I wouldn't even remember the new bow tie can unless I invented a time machine to go back to a house party in 2004 when I start drinking Budweiser and then re-fast forward myself to the moment where I was hurdling passed crappy beers and stop myself. Then I would buy the 8-pack of Bud as a gag gift. But the night would grow old and my buzz would grow desperate and I'd crack open the new cold Bud and I'd think, hey this kind of feels good in my hand. I like the curves. I like the thoughtfulness. I LIKE BUDWEISER NOW?


So I guess good change Bud? [Budweiser]