Wi-Fi Alliance Will Start Certifying Draft N 2.0 Products in June; Worrywarts Rejoice

The Wi-Fi Alliance is going to start certifying 802.11 Draft N 2.0 products late next month. While the final standard won't be set in stone until 2008, certified Draft N 2.0 products will have guaranteed interoperability with future N versions so you can get your N on without worry and will sport the fancy sticker on the right. CNET estimates that badge-bearing equipment will hit stores in July, so if promises and rainbow stickers are your thing, you've got about six weeks to go.

Wi-Fi Alliance to begin certifying 802.11n gear [CNET]
Wi-Fi Alliance® Reveals New Logo and Announces First Wi-Fi CERTIFIED™ 802.11n Draft 2.0 Products and Test Suite [Wi-Fi Alliance]


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