Wi-Fi MicroSD Card Makes Eye-Fi Look Obese

Illustration for article titled Wi-Fi MicroSD Card Makes Eye-Fi Look Obese

Japanese phone king KDDI is showing off a MicroSD card with built-in Wi-Fi, sorta like those photo-uploading Eye-Fi cards everyone loves so much. Actually, they're exactly like that, except, well, much smaller.

There's not much of a space for a product like this now, since cellphones account for most of the devices with MicroSD storage, and they generally have some kind of data connection anyway. But it's easy to imagine a (near) future where traditional SD cards are considered too bulky for smaller point-and-shoot cameras and camcorders, and a wireless MicroSD card would make sense. [Tech-on]

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If Verizon gets religion and starts including WiFi in more (all?) their data devices the I would agree that this wouldn't seem too useful in cellphones, as the writer suggests. BUT, if things don't change, then this would be very useful. Today it would be perfect for the Storm and the Tour.

Speaking of WiFi, can someone with some technical knowledge explain why data devices (iphone, BB etc.) don't have 802.11N yet. I mean, it would be a much faster experience, right ?