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WiBrain I1 UMPC Gets Intel Atom Processor

Illustration for article titled WiBrain I1 UMPC Gets Intel Atom Processor

The original WiBrain B1E was relatively inexpensive for a UMPC at $699, but it definitely fell well short of greatness. However, the manufacturer has made some upgrades with the upcoming I1 model that should address some of its predecessor's shortcomings. New features include: your choice of 1.1GHz (Z510) and 1.33GHz (Z520) Atom processors, a WWAN antenna, SD card slot, an optional SSD and a slightly different finish. Users can also choose between a Linux and XP machine with a 30GB or 60GB hard drive or a 64GB SSD. Pricing and a release date have not been announced. [Dynamism via Pocketables]


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they need to invent a UMPC that has a keyboard that can swivel/detach from being on the sides as shown here to being under the screen to be used like a laptop. do you guys get what i'm saying? i will try to demonstrate using ASCII art:

qwerty[]uiop ->