Wii Crossbow Has Laser Sight, Tip Covered by Ping Pong Ball

Image for article titled Wii Crossbow Has Laser Sight, Tip Covered by Ping Pong Ball

We have seen our fair share of Wii peripherals, but the Wii Crossbow actually looks like it could be used by police officials to take down the bad guys. Sure, the ping pong ball tip doesn't look too menacing, but we're sure there's a razor sharp arrow underneath.


If you're worried aiming is going to be an issue, fret not. A laser sight is included to make sure you beat all your current scores in Link's Crossbow Training. Priced at $28, the Wii Crossbow is priced on the steep side, but you can always take it in the garden, load it up with Nerf darts and pelt the bejeezus out of next door's cat. Alternatively, you could use it to save some Christian aid officials that unwittingly have happened upon difficult times in war-torn Burma. You are Rambo. [Deal Extreme viaTechnabob]



Ah man I love Wii and I love peripherals but this is too much. I only buy official Nintendo junk lol but this, the nerf gun, the shark gun, the laser site gun....all guaranteed not to get you laid. Actually it will indeed push women further away from your house...you should read the fine print. This gun is just screams Made In China…gross. Even though everything is made in China lets try to be a little more discrete and at build it so it does not look like it made in China jeeeze.