Domain Name Killed, But Site Still Accessible

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Currently, is dead. Domain name registrar shut the domain name down after repeated DDOS attacks, however it's still accessible through, registered to the Swiss pirate party. Yesterday we discovered that WikiLeaks' servers are now in France.


The Distributed Denial of Service attacks have no known origin. had to give up because it was affecting 500,000 other sites managed by them.

You can also get to WikiLeaks by going to, or the brilliantly-named redirect of [BBC]


Arggh! there goes a...snake a snake!

I'm surprised at how much attention is focused on Wikileaks. The real person they should be going after is the guy who gave Wikileaks this information. More importantly, they need to attack the root cause of this issue which is the lack of security with regards to storing this sensitive information. Wikileaks is just the messenger, a news organization.