Will Facebook's New Listen With Friends Feature Kill Turntable.FM?

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Tech nerds and music fiends are both familiar with the social listening experience that is Turntable.FM, but the general masses are still relatively unfamiliar. Facebook, pushing along at full force with their new music features and sensing that Turntable.fm hasn't quite reached its tipping point, rolled out their latest feature: Listen with friends.


The premise behind listen with friends is simple. You see a friend listening to a music in your news ticker, and if you both use the same streaming service (Spotify, Rdio, MOG, etc...), you can click a button that launches a listening/chat room. From there, you are listening to exactly what your friend hears. And you can invite more people to hop in and enjoy whatever amazing/embarrassing/terrible song happens to be on. It makes Facebook Music one step closer to what many had expected Facebook to be.

Facebook hasn't commented on whether or not the feature will allow the DJ in control to hand off their selector abilities, but given that it will be visible to a much wider crowd and starts rolling out to Spotify users today, Turntable.fm should be scared. Very scared. [Facebook via TechCrunch]



Spotify is well... meh. It has about 2% of music that I actually want to listen to. I, for one, go to TurntableFM to hear tunes I've never heard before, ones that are not available on Spotify, so I really don't see this new feature as something that TTFM needs to worry about.

Actually, thanks for reminding me - I need to uninstall spotify. =)