Will Griffin's Beacon iPhone Universal Remote Be the First to Not Suck?

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Griffin, maker of a ton of Apple accessories, just released a universal remote system for iOS devices. It's not the first iOS remote around, but we're hoping it can be the first to not suck.

Peel was kind of cool but it was a little too post-modern, stripping shows from their channels and placing it by a whole 'nother category. Others just took too much brain power. I don't want to re-learn my TV in order to watch it! We havemore faith in Griffin because they've made so many excellent Apple accessories over the years. Griffin understands Apple products.


Griffin's Beacon connects to iOS devices over Bluetooth (via a free Universal Remote app) and then beams the app's remote control actions over IR. It works with TVs, cable boxes and a slew of other devices. $80 [Griffin]