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Will Joss Whedon release an Avengers director's cut in theaters this August?

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Rumor has it Marvel and Disney aren't satisfied with the trifling billion dollars that The Avengers racked up in the box office. Now they want Avatar money. And the best way to get that? Release another version of the film in theaters, which is great news for us.

Ain't It Cool and Comic both are reporting that Marvel and Disney are toying around with the idea of releasing a "Director's Cut." We assume this cut would include all of the Steve Rogers scenes that were strangely missing from the movie release. Originally, director Joss Whedon had wanted to use the lost-in-time Captain America as a viewpoint character to lead the audience into the film — but in the end, that was scrapped. It's also possible a "Director's Cut" could cut back on the Tony Stark time at the start of the film, but that's just a guess.


An August re-release would be perfect, since that's also the alleged date of the Blu-Ray release of the film, so it would drum up a lot of new press along with a push in ticket sales. We don't care if Marvel wants more money, they can have ours — we really want to see more of Whedon's Avengers.