Will Mac Pros Join MacBook Airs in This Week's Rumored Spec Bump Party?

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Rumors of a MacBook Air update this week have reached such a froth that it'd be more of a surprise if they didn't show up. More unexpected? Speculation from 9to5Mac that a Mac Pro bump is in the hopper too.


According to the generally reliable site's source, new Mac Pros have been spotted in Apple's internal listings, and may feature a redesigned enclosure, Thunderbolt, and the possible introduction of a 16 core model. Oh and, along with the MBAs, they'd be the first Apple computers to ship with Lion preinstalled. For better or worse.


Other possibilities? A new Mac Pro server, a new Mac Mini. Expect the freshness to drop this Thursday at the earliest, and if not then soon after. [9to5Mac]

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Apple will ultimately kill the MacPro. From observing recent events, I feel that Apple is going to abandon the 'Pro' marketplace, and concentrate on Consumer products only. Here's a few examples of why I feel this:

- iDisk

- Web Galleries

- FCP Server

- OSX Server

- Final Cut Studio

- Color

- DVD Studio Pro

- Shake (yeah, remember?)

I have 30 gigs of data that I'm going to have to download (just to be sure) and then re-upload/convert/re-organize for the new iCloud services... I've still not had time to rebuilt 4 years of 'homepage' sites...

Apple will, in the end, break your heart.