Will The Incredible Hulk's Director Handle The Avengers?

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According to The Incredible Hulk and Clash of The Titans director Louis Leterrier, he's on the shortlist of directors Marvel is considering to helm the much-anticipated Avengers movie. We're wondering: Are there blackmail photos?


Okay, that's a little harsh - Letterier actually did a fine job on Incredible Hulk, and the direction was the least of that movie's problems. But nonetheless, Incredible Hulk was a comedown after the high-profile thrill ride of Iron Man, and has (unfairly, perhaps?) gained a reputation because of that. Would Marvel really hand over their crown jewel movie to a man partially responsible for that?

Here's what Leterrier told Ain't It Cool News:

I am on the shortlist, but I'm at the bottom of the shortlist, I'm sure. (Laughs) I don't know who the other guys are, but I have a great relationship with [Marvel], and I've been very vocal to them and everyone else that I am the one to direct it. I loved my time at Marvel. I loved those guys. They're fantastic. Kevin is such a passionate boss; he gets his hands dirty. It's a universe I want to keep exploring. I was frustrated with [The Incredible Hulk]. It was like, "That's it? Only one superhero? Can I do more???" We'll see. Time will tell.

The director is now in an odd place concerning the fate of his Clash of The Titans remake. If it does well, then Marvel will have more faith that he can handle a blockbuster, but if it does really well, Warner Bros will want a sequel - and may be after Leterrier to helm one of their DC Comics superhero movies as well. Is that a can't lose, or can't win, situation...?

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I don't get the hate on TIH. It was about as good of a movie as you can get out of that particular character. Plenty of fanboy shoutouts for those that are into that, pretty true to the character, no Hulk-poodles.

It was overshadowed by a much better than expected Iron Man - hard to live up to that kind of expectation. I'd love to see Favreau as a hands-on producer and Leterrier direct.